The Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) created the Centre Afrika in 1988 to enable Africans to forge bonds of friendship with one another and thus promote harmonious coexistence in Quebec society.

In addition to Father Joseph Kamwanga's testimonial, the special issue you're flipping through is an extension of the 2024 calendar, featuring photos of the various activities taking place within its walls. This time, the calendar and the magazine go hand in hand.

A surprise awaits you. You'll get to know each member of the new Centre Afrika team and the invaluable collaborators who make the center's vitality possible. There's also a brief presentation of three corporate partners with whom the center collaborates.

We are filled with joy and optimism for the future of Centre Afrika. New computer equipment will soon help us spread the missionary message we've been transmitting for over 150 years. The vision of Cardinal Lavigerie, our founder, is alive and well. This vision is oriented towards welcoming and respecting individuals and peoples in all their cultural and spiritual diversity.

In our country, we are fortunate to have reliable energy resources to work with. We're delighted to see how simple solar panels can change the lives of young students in Uganda (see report on page 10). We hope the same will be true for other students in the Democratic Republic of Congo (see project 72 on page 11).

Happy reading,   
   Father Serge St-Arneault, M.Afr