The Son of God is born in a manger in Bethlehem at a time in human history time in human history when the people of Israel were hoping against hope hope for the arrival of a messiah who would save them from the oppression of a Roman empire. This happened just over 2,000 years ago. Today, we find ourselves in a situation that's not much better. not much better: wars are raging in many countries, we face major challenges of migration, climate change, housing shortages and so on. housing shortages, etc.

     In short, when I look at the dark side of our world, my heart bleeds, my soul cries. Should I give in to despair? All In the end, we deal with our reality as best we can, knowing that our collective well-being depends on our individual commitments and and the choices we make as a society.

     Jesus came to offer us life in abundance. Like him, each and every one of us can make a difference by contributing our brick building a better world. And, thank God, many of us are doing just that. We are sowers of hope when love is seen in our eyes and our actions. Jesus passed through the world doing good and preaching preaching love in word and deed. Thanks to him and the love he has for each and every one of us, I can hope beyond all despair.

     As I read this issue of Lettre aux Amis, I feel I have good reason to hope. reasons for hope. Men and women are fighting to give young Ethiopians the desire to live. People from all cultures are reaching out are reaching out and encouraging each other, as illustrated in the in the article entitled Demain l'Afrique. Thanks to your support, nuns in nuns in Malawi have been able to improve their living conditions. In Montreal, the Centre Afrika lives up to its mission as an intercultural meeting place where it is possible to contribute to harmonious living together, where differences differences become an enrichment.

     Soon, I'll be contemplating the Son of God in the manger. I'll do so first in silence, and then I'll thank him and then thank him for all those who inspire and motivate me to be a person of hope of hope for and with others. This is what I I hope you will experience during the family gatherings Christmas and New Year's Day, and throughout the year. 2024 ! Our children and young people need your


Réal Doucet, M.Af 
Provincial des Missionnaire
d’Afrique dans les Amériques