Julien Cormier MAfr

In 2023, we will still have to live with the Covid-19 virus while hoping that vaccination will have sufficiently fortified our immune system. However, as if this collective ordeal has not taught us anything, we are likely to return to our pre-pandemic habits: children back to school, parents devoted to family needs, grandparents called upon to care for grandchildren.

Nevertheless, could it be that the past three years have helped us to question our lifestyle and better balance our schedules? Already an old wise man in the Bible reminded us of the importance of managing our time well (Qo 3, 1-8).

Our life is fragile and short. We must not waste it unnecessarily. Hence the urgency to prioritize what gives meaning to our existence: human relationships, silence, prayer and a simple lifestyle. Knowing how to relativize what is not essential and giving more time to what is a priority in our lives, is a beautiful way to live daily and to succeed in life.

I wish you in 2023 to taste this balance of life filled with the smiles of God. Life is full of beautiful surprises that fill grateful hearts with joy.

Today, we share with you some of our joys. The beautiful testimony of Father Paddy Girard's family, who celebrated his 70th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood, is particularly heartwarming. A real nice surprise! In addition, several projects were carried out in Africa during the year 2022. With this issue of the magazine, thanks to your generosity, we hope this time to help young Ugandans.

Happy reading and
happy new year
year 2023

Réal Doucet, MAfr