As an associate

Does Africa fascinates you? 

For you, is Jesus someone?

If you answer yes to these two questions, then we can go somewhere together.

For example, if you are planning a trip to Africa, or if you are thinking of leaving for a couple of years for an African project, or if you dream about being involved for a lifetime at the service of the African world, you can contact us.

We have a long experience of reaching Africans, ever since 1868, in Algeria, a country that is 100% Muslim, from whom we have adopted the language, the culture, the food and the dress. In the last 125 years, through trial and errors (indeed!) and with important breakthroughs (of course) we have learnt to meet other people “in the manner of Jesus”.

This tradition, that we have inherited from Lavigerie, our Founder, who, on December 28, 1888 declared:

“I am a human being, injustice against other men revolts my heart; I am a human being, oppression upset my nature, cruelties against so many my kindred inspires me horror”. 

The Missionaries of Africa, sons and daughters of Lavigerie, are present and active in 25 countries of Africa, and in the African world outside the Continent.

The aim of the Missionaries of Africa is to bring an action and a word “in the manner of Jesus”.  Their motivation is to prolong the action of God into the human history, as it is understood while reading the Bible and the Gospel.

There are actually 400 young persons between the ages of 20 and 35 years in our two societies: The Society of Missionaries of Africa (nicknamed “White Fathers”) and the Missionary Sisters of our Lady of Africa (nicknamed “White Sisters”) that are in training. Men and women, bachelor or married, serving in the African world, together with us.

In Montreal, others are interested in meeting Africans and they participate in the activities of the  Afrika Center.

If this call rings a bell for you or wets your appetite, you can contact us to go further in your request (being a trip, an association, or a life time involvement).   

You can also simply get more information by writing us a letter, calling us at one of our many houses across Canada.


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