Our accomplishments

Your Help Substantiated

Generous benefactors,


The Babemba say: "Mpeniko amenshi, nwe!" - "Give me water that I drink!" In June, the officials of Twatasha Parish solicited your financial assistance and today I would like to thank you in their name because you have contributed generously to their project to have quality water and toilets. I have been back from Zambia since the beginning of June and, despite the distance, I still remain attached to these people who are so warm and generous, rich or poor.

Your response to the call from the people of Twatasha gave them the opportunity to launch their project. Upon the announcement of your financial assistance, they hired a specialized company to dig artesian wells, which was done towards the end of September, the best time to dig good wells in Zambia.

I would like to say a big thank you to my fellow White Fathers, Piet van Heijst and Felix Kamunenge, who have taken the steps to carry out this work. They found water at a depth of 55 meters. A few days ago, Father Felix Kamunenge wrote to me:

"Hello Jacques, greetings from Kitwe. The work of building the toilets is going well. Presently, I sit with the contractor. I am confident that they will do a quality job. They are very motivated people. Today, they are erecting the water tank tower and tomorrow the artesian well pump. Thank you to all of you."

What I like about this water project is seeing the wonderful teamwork of the leaders of the community of Twatasha and the White Fathers. I can attest that what you read in the Letter to Friends, Number 21 of June 2013, is true: "We certify that this project is in every way what the community wants and what it needs."

Rest assured that the Bena Twatasha will always remember your gesture of mutual aid. All parishioners (regardless of religion) will benefit: for meetings, for young people who meet or play sports, for the 200 destitute children who have classes in some of the parish's premises. Needless to say, they pray for you and, in their name, I say to you in Bemba: "Mwabombeni", that is, "Mission accomplished."

Jacques Bédard, M.Afr.