Letter to our friends

The LETTER TO FRIENDS is, in Canada, the bulletin in English of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa "White Fathers".
It is intended for our parents, friends and benefactors and it's simple and straightforward and has only 16 pages.

Published once a year (along with a Mission Letter three times a year) to remind us that the White Fathers are still on a mission in Africa, the Letter to Friends presents Africans worthy of attention, whether they live in Africa or "in the African world".

It tells you about the missionaries who have gone to meet them, it presents their projects and it gives you news of their realization.

It says thank you.
It offers you a "word of life".
It echoes your questions and your reactions.
It reminds you insistently:
"Do not forget Africa!"

This letter is sent by mail free of charge to those who register.

Current Publication   :  JUNE 2024

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