Missionary spirituality

At the service of Jesus in all corners of the world.

The missionary spirituality is one of service. The Missionaries have left everything to go and serve so that their brothers and sisters of the world can hear for themselves the words of eternal life. The Church reminds continually the baptised of their missionary vocation and gives thanks for the multitude of missionaries, who, for 2,000 years, have reached other shores in order to proclaim the word of God. These missionaries have made themselves closed to the lowliest, to the poorest, to listen to their hearts, to learn their words, to discover their culture and to marvel at their beauty, their dignity and their greatness.

Following Jesus, who has showed us the way, these missionaries have claimed: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. He has sent me to bring the good news to the poor… (Luke 4,18) They have entered their houses, their small huts, as if they had entered into palaces and, so often, found themselves kneeling down in thanksgiving for having been chosen to serve the Redeeming Christ among them. Servants of the Beatitudes, they have built schools, clinics, hospitals, chapels and churches, community centers, etc. Servants of a near-God, they have walked on all the human roads, knowing that they were God’s roads.

Michel Fortin, M.Afr


N.B. This text was inspired from an article of Mrs. Huguette Leblanc, written on October 18, 2009, while working for The Pontifical Missionary Works.