“O…HO…. What do I see here? Anything new?”

This is a common word of astonishment for those who are used to visiting the international site of the Missionaries of Africa in Rome. And yes, something new in the windows of our international site, quickly spotted by its faithful users. The “Library” window now accompanies the archive window in which it was previously located.

This “Library” window gives access to the new online portal allowing researchers to browse and discover the material available in our library. You can search by author, title or subject using keywords.

The procedure is very simple: select LIBRARY > LIBRARY ONLINE > SITE > and there you are. To make the search easier, you can select the small magnifying glass with the “+” sign. Once you have found a book you are interested in, select it and a window will appear giving you more information about it, with a set of keywords (under the title of “sujets”) that are very useful to amplify the search. Please note that the site itself is written in French.

Welcome to our library, while staying comfortably at home. Enjoy your search…

Jean Lamonde

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