Project 75: Wull in Usagara (Tanzanie)

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Project 75: Drinking water for a nursery school

Located about 25 kilometers from the town of Mwanza to the south of Lake Victoria, in Tanzania, the town of Usagara actually forms an agglomeration of villages where people live from agriculture and livestock.

The parish has been administered by the Missionaries of Africa since 2011. It includes five main branches and around fifty Christian communities.

Pastoral activities include teaching, celebration of the sacraments, visits to the sick, the elderly and the disabled. The missionaries are also keen to improve the environment through tree planting.

Drinking water project

Usagara does not have a drinking water service. Artisanal wells are not enough and dry up in the dry season. Rainwater collected in cisterns is primarily used for gardening. Drilling a well will allow the children of the nursery school and the surrounding population to benefit from clean water.

Our goals

Access to drinking water promotes hygiene, prevents the spread of diseases and reduces the costs associated with purchasing water in the dry season. This project will also promote sustainable development and tree maintenance.

Cost estimate

Contributions from local populations are not enough to carry out this project which we estimate at around $15,000.

With our deepest thanks for your help,

Allan Kawenda,
Parfait Balma Pingwende,
and Théogène Nibogora M.Afr

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