Word of new Superior

Dear Friends of the Missionaries of Africa

 Let me introduce myself to you since I have just been asked to become the Provincial of the Americas. I was born in St-Célestin, a rural parish near Ville Bécancour, at 12 km from Trois-Rivières in the province of Québec. I joined the Missionaries of Africa in September 1968 doing my spiritual year in Québec City.

The following year, I went to Ottawa for my theology and preparation for the missionary work in Africa. I did my oath in December 1073 and was ordainedin June 2074. Having promised to the Lord to never say ‘NO’ to any appointment, I have had theopportunity to say ‘Yes’ to many missions the Society of the Missionaries of Africa entrusted to me.

I first did pastoral work in parishes during 9 years in Tanzania. Then, I was sent to various countries to work especially with the youth. I had the opportunity to get in touch with such nice people in Mexico for 12 years, in Canada for 4 years, in Ghana, DRCongo and South Africa. I have been working in the formation of our candidates for the last 20 years, mostly as Rector. I enjoyed lecturing in Major seminaries and Theological Institutes. I am now asked to close a chapter and open a new one. At my age, it is not an easy task to do. But I trust that the Holy Spirit will guide me, and, with the help of my confreres and the help of your prayers, our society of the Missionaries of Africa in the Americas will continue preaching the Good News to those who will cross our path in the years to come.  Very soon a new team of leadership will be formed with members coming from Brazil, Mexico, The USA and Canada. Inspired by the good work done in the past and open to the work of the Holy Spirit, we will face together the new challenges the world of today presents to us. I count on your assistance and support to make of our community a living sign of the caring presence of our Lord in the whole world, especially in America and Africa.I pray for you all, please do the same for us.

May the Good Lord bless you always and inspire you always,
Fr. Real Doucet M.Afr.