Word of Superior

Thank you to Father Michel Fortin

       After 30 years of service, first to the Magazine Mission, then to the bulletin called Letter to our friends, Michel Fortin hands down the torch. I want to express my thanks for his perseverance and his desire to offer a positive content of quality about Africa and the work of the Missionaries of Africa. You will recall his many pages with a spiritual content: they will be missed. Michel will continue, with his fervour and convictions to communicate his reflections on Facebook. Good continuation on your mission. Yes, thank you, Michel.

        It is a new team of three confreres who will succeed to Father Michel. It will be Father Marc Beaudry, archivist at our house in Montreal, Father Serge St-Arneault, the new director of the Afrika Center, and Father Jacques Poirier, the present Provincial Secretary of the Americas. I thank them for having so generously accepted to take the relay. Together, faithful to our tradition of information, they will present articles about Africa, the witnesses of the mission, and ask for your help on development projects in Africa.
       Thank you once more to these confreres. Yes, we are very much alive. Your prayer, your friendship and your care make you participants of our mission. We must not forget
Gilles Barrette, M. Afr.