Word of new Superior

Dear friends of the Missionaries of Africa

We have begun this year 2019 with joy, hope and a lot of projects, always in link with the African World. Since the 08.12.2018 we have begun celebrating the 150 years of our foundation as Missionaries of Africa and Sisters Missionaries of our Lady of Africa. And we will continue to do so until December 2019. This allows us to remember with gratitude our past, to live our present with commitment and to look to the future with hope.

The main source of our trust in the future is the commitment of our brothers and sisters on the spot and the number of our candidates in formation. They are more than 500 candidates coming from various continents, mostly from Africa. You will get on our website a follow up of these celebrations throughout the year. Don’t forget to join us in our thankfulness to the Lord.

On our website, you will also find many interesting articles on what is going on in the African continent. You will get the latest news about the growth of our Church especially in the African countries where we have invested our personnel: nominations of Cardinals, Bishops, ordinations of Missionaries of Africa and final vows of the Sisters Missionaries of our Lady of Africa, challenges and projects, etc.

I recommend also to your attention the publication of letter to our friends and the fundraisings projects offered to you every three months.

Please, feel free to navigate on our website and discover the different rubrics which compose it. Its purpose is to share with you our interest and love for the African world.

Finally, I ask the Lord to bless you and give you a good health throughout the year 2019.
Fr. Real Doucet M.Afr.
Provincial of the Americas