Word of Superior

Our challenges

Dear friends,
Our last Chapter give us the following definition of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers): “filled with the joy of the Gospel and guided by the Spirit, we are an intercultural missionary society with a family spirit. We are sent to the African world and where our charism is solicited, asked to fulfill a prophetic mission of testimony of the love of God.”

This is true for us, and for you, friends of the mission. Missionaries are constantly facing new challenges: leaving a place to start somewhere else, living in a political situation that is insecure and dangerous for the people and for us, being threatened of expulsion and returning permanently to our homeland or learning new languages. And so on

And we, missionaries, understand also the new challenges of members of our families or friends having, for instance, to leave their home and getting adapted to a different lifestyle in a residence for elderly.

Sometimes, while remaining in the same country, new services are requested from the missionaries:
dealing and taking care of the child-soldiers who have been forced to carry weapons and kill: those children have lost everything and are so wounded themselves.
South-Sudan and Burundi are now joining other countries struck by insecurity and exile of their population. Our fellow missionaries remain there in solidarity with those who suffer, living the Gospel with them.

However, our greatest challenge is well defined by Fabrice Hadjadj who said:
“the evangelization of the world is never the worldization of the Gospel” It is not a question of making the gospel conform to our world, but transforming the world by the Word of God received ”not as a human word, but as what it is really, Word of God at work in us.” (I Th 3.13)
It is our prophetic mission.

Thank you for your prayer and support.
Gilles Barrette, M. Afr.