Because of terrorism and transnational crime, security is obviously an issue of the visit of Angela Merkel. But German companies are also interested in parts of the West African market.

Official sources Berlin side, there will be no businessmen in the delegation accompanying Angela Merkel. But in Burkina Faso, Mali, as in Niger, German companies are engaged through investments, particularly in the areas of energy, road infrastructure, health and agriculture.

Among the countries of destination of the Chancellor, Burkina Faso is an exception. It is the only effect that has already joined the ten African members of the initiative "Compact with Africa".

The Berlin-Ouagadougou axis
Germany is certainly still far behind traditional economic partners of Burkina Faso. But Berlin aims to increase the volume of its bilateral cooperation with Ouagadougou. A concern shared also by the two countries. Burkinabe President Roch Marc Christian Kabore pointed out, during his visit in late February in Berlin.

That said, the economics go hand in hand with security concerns in the Sahel region facing terrorism and where youth unemployment is an open door to jihadist recruitment.

Support G5 Sahel
Christoph Kannengiesser, Afrika-Verein director who is a platform bringing together African entrepreneurs and German think " the journey of Chancellor is a strong signal of support for G5 countries Sahel. And this is something that the Heads of State enjoy a lot. Germany undertakes for years with financial and material resources in the area. but I believe that short-term commitments are not enough but rather actions over time . "

Merkel will meet in Ouagadougou at a summit, the Heads of State members of the G5 Sahel.

It is then expected in Mali, where the German army deployed a thousand soldiers. End of tour in Niger, where the Chancellor will meet with the country's authorities but Ausi representatives of civil society. Niger, a poor country with a high birth rate. Merkel will visit a construction site of a center dedicated to women.

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