Ivory Coast

Manipulation of the Constitutions in Africa: a brake on democracy

Abidjan (Agenzia Fides) - In view of the upcoming presidential elections, Guinea and Ivory Coast are willing to review their respective national Constitutions in order to ensure that the various outgoing powers have the constitutional possibility of obtaining a third government mandate. "This constant desire to constantly review the Constitutions of our countries, especially for electoral purposes, does not help to make our states stable and democratic", says Ivorian theologian Fr. Donald Zagore of the Society for African Missions.

"The democratic stability of our states and institutions - he explains - essentially depends on the stability of our national Constitutions. Our states are democratically unstable, because our Constitutions are unstable".

"In order to have a stable rule of law, it is necessary to guarantee a long-lasting constitutional democracy. All the great nations and democracies of the world were built thanks to this process. If we want to grow up, we must learn to sacrifice narcissistic interests in favor of the common good and for the supreme interest of our nations".

"Currently - concludes Fr. Zagore - without real foundations of democracy and stability, nothing can be built".

Source: fides.org

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