Exhortation of the Bishop of Solwezi in favor of a positive
use of social networks by young people

Lusaka (Agenzia Fides) - "The social media are for you to be knowledgeable and to be connected with others; to do something productive and progressive, not to use it as a way of downsizing, traumatising or destroying others, no!". This is how His Exc. Bishop Charles Joseph Sampa Kasonde, Bishop of Solwezi, urged young people to make responsible use of new means of communication and to avoid getting involved in computer crimes.

Addressing young people on the occasion of the Mass for Youth Day, he urged them to safeguard their youthfulness by seeking the information that can help them withstand the torrents, the troubles and tribulations that they find in life.

Msgr. Kasonde also stressed the need for young people to continue education: "What I am saying my dear children is that is there is an opportunity in you get educated. Be educated for it will open you up to the world and give you opportunities. If you are educated you are empowered".

On his part, Solwezi Catholic Diocese’ Youth Chairperson Prosper Meleki urged the youths in country to desist from being used as tools of violence by the selfish politicians. Instead, he advised the youths to be patriotic and live exemplary lives as Christians and Catholics.

"2021 being a year for General Elections in our country, I take this opportunity to urge you my fellow youth to desist from engaging in political fights or be used as tools of violence by selfish politicians, before, during and after elections", said Meleki.


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