Projet 48 - Aide aux filles-mères

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Projet 48 - Aide aux filles-mères

En 2003, les Pères Blancs ont fondé une nouvelle paroisse au Rwanda, la paroisse Saint-Pierre, à Cyahafi près de Kigali. Le projet proposé vous ramènera à un passé qui a été vécu par beaucoup de femmes au Canada. Ce temps semble révolu pour nous, mais existe malheureusement encore au Rwanda. Un Père Blanc s’attaque à ce problème si délicat, en y mettant toutes ses énergies et en vous demandant de l’aide afin de réduire les injustices envers les filles-mères.


I am Father Edison Akatuhurira, Missionary of Africa from Ugandan origin. I am in charge of Saint Pierre parish in the Archdiocese of Kigali in Rwanda. Our parish, founded in 2003 desserved about 43.000 people. I am also in charge of the parochial Caritas. This responsibility help me to get in touch with the realities of life of my parishioners :pastoral of families, orphans, widows, the poor, unmarried mothers, children of the street. This apostolate requires energy, lots of listening, perseverance and even interventions. Currently I am centered specially to help the unmarried mothers.

Usually the unmarried women are about 27 years old or less (the youngest has 15) Let me tell you the story of Gisele, Gentille and Affissa.


Born in 1996, GISELE   gave up her studies in 4th secondary. Her mother was unable to pay for the school expenses, and GISELE went to work in a small restaurant where she became pregnant from one of the customers. She was rejected by this one and even by her family. She hopes to be able to care for herself and her child with a decent work.


 GENTILLE was born in 1995. At the end of her secondary  school, she became pregnant from a teacher. When he   learned the news, he `disappeared` and cut all relations with her. GENTILLE was also rejected by her family. She would  like to start a little business and be able to care of her child. 


AFFISSA was born in 1993. She had to give up studies at the primary school. She was educated by her grandparents who were unable the help her with the school expenses. The man who put her pregnant denied his responsibility. She was also rejected by her family. For now, AFFISSA lives alone and washes clothes from house  to  house to get some money to nourish her child. She would like to start a small business.


We have a group of 22 unmarried mothers marginalized and rejected by their families. We would like to have a team of trainers to finish their education an teach them how to handle some business like couture, hairstyle, work adapted to the Rwandese culture, or support them in other initiatives.

Our project is to give them back the respect and dignity they need; help them to recover their just place in our society; and maybe help them to reintegrate their respective family. And all those objectives are part of our mission, as Missionaries of Africa, working for more Justice and Peace.

We know that you refuse injustices lived by women. Our parish wants to help them and give them again a better life.

And we sure thank you for your help and support.

Father Edison Akatuhurira
Missionary of Africa in Rwanda

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