Project 54: Sunday Training School for children

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Project 54: Sunday Training School for children

Children need a roof to protect themselves from the weather and seats to sit.

The Catholic church of Saint Joseph, at Bolgatanga, Ghana, was started in 1996, as an outstation. Later on, in 2015, it was established as a parish. This parish is part of the Diocese of Navrongo-Bolgatanga. It has four outstations for a population of nearly 2,200 people. The mission of the parish is the following: to proclaim the Good News through a serious and adequate Catholic teaching.

The main activities of the Parish
• Two Eucharistic Sunday celebrations.
• Bible study and sharing on Wednesdays
• Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every day of the week.
• Celebration of the sacrament of Reconciliation on Fridays.
The parish offers also some social activities in education, help to the people in need, the sick and the aged.

The needs of the Parish
• The buildings used for the teaching on Sundays to the 500 children are too small and overcrowded. We need to build a larger one. It is for this project that we need your help.
• We plan to build a decent house for the priests.
• The funds are not sufficient to build the classrooms for the catechumens.
• There is also the need to find the funds to have some cement seats in front of the grotto.

The development committee of the parish has established a procedure that will take into account the help of the parishioners so as to obtain their manual and financial involvement. A budget totaling 13,420 dollars is fixed. 4,570 dollars will be provided by the parishioners, while 8,850 dollars will come from outside of the parish.

We wish to thank you, our Canadian friends, for sustaining this process of development of our parochial community at Saint Joseph.

Father Pierre Boro Father Kevin Rand Faher Erus Kishor

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