Project 47 - Help Orphans in Zambia

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Project 47 - Help Orphans in Zambia

Father Jean-Guy Labrecque, M.Afr., spent 36 years of his life in Zambia. He enthusiastically presents this truly humanitarian and Christian project in collaboration with his colleagues Fr. John Itaru and Sr. Maria Katonkola.

A little history

In 1996, Maria Makombe, an ex-religious, created a really important work under the name of Kacema Musuma: the Good Shepherd. This woman was very moved to the orphans she saw in the streets of her city. She was taken with love and welcomed one at home. Then, little by little, others were added. As she grew older, she could no longer handle it. Then she went to meet the Superior of her former congregation, the Sisters of the Infant Jesus.

On October 27, 2007, in presence of the bishop, Maria Makombe officially handed the 11 children to this Zambian Congregation. Sister Christine, the Superior General, appointed Sister Maria to be in charge of this Foyer: she became the number one Mammie. The Foyer is located in the Kawambwa district of the diocese of Mansa, Zambia.

Family life

To these 11 orphans, others were added to reach 45 children. To take care of it, we found three Sisters: Maria, Theopist and Mable. We can truly say that they form a warm family: when we see children, we feel that they feel loved and are happy. In addition, they also have uncles and aunts: it's the extraordinary side to give them all the affection they so badly need.

There are Monica, Matilda, Daria and Albertina who take care of the little ones until the age of three. The nice Jennifer takes care of the elders, boys and girls. We see Josephine keeping the house clean, while Nelly takes care of the kitchen.

The men, Moby, Emmanuel, Frédérique and Bright, work in the garden.

As you are aware, all of them work for the well-being of these orphans and provide them with an extraordinary quality of life.

School life
In this Foyer, of course, we organized a nursery to receive toddlers. When they are six years old, they are enrolled in different primary schools. As for the adolescents who go to secondary schools, they are obliged to be boarders. Absent for three months, they return to the Home for a month. During this time of the holidays, we feel the joy of the younger ones who are very happy to find their elders.

The existence of the Foyer

We would like to mention that this Home is essential for these 45 orphaned children. We have one goal: to give them love. We feel the importance of training them to become good responsible citizens. This gives us reason to continue the mission of the Foyer. You feel that we are trying to assume the role of parents by giving them what they need.

Necessary things

It is not always easy to fulfill our task given our very limited means. With great hope, dear friends of Canada, we suggest you to help us continue this wonderful work of Maria, created in 1996.

So here are our real needs: beds, mattresses and sheets for children who have to leave the cribs. As a team, we calculated that we would need the sum of $ 14,500.00 CA. We count on your generosity, because we know that you are committed to supporting the work of the White Fathers. These little orphans will pray for you and you will make them happy by offering them these material goods. The whole team of the Kacema Musuma Children's Home thank you in advance for your generosity.

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