Madame 2019 has aged and leaves in our memory great joys and some sadness. And now, she wants to give way to the very young Madame 2020, full of hope and energy who is so happy to be born that she is giving us a bonus day, a 366th day! One more day to live in thanksgiving and marvel at the smiles of God that life offers us every day!

Mrs. 2020 promises us great surprises and above all life-filled experiences that will invite us to grow in our humanity in order to leave the Lord, giver of life, the possibility of touching the hearts of our loved ones through our way of living our faith as we go along. It all depends on how we welcome each of these 366 days. There will be more difficult times to go through. There will be mourning, tears shed, days of crisis, but there will also be births, laughter, moments of great passion, days of dedication where it will be easier for us to feel and rejoice in God's presence in our lives.

Even if sometimes we have the impression that the years go by and look alike, it is only an illusion. The Holy Spirit does his work in time and little by little the person who knows how to welcome each day with the eyes of a child becomes more beautiful, more fulfilled, richer in humanity. She knows how to use the years already lived to love more, to love better, to love with all her heart; and her love gives life and hope to those around her or passing along her path. And a deep peace invades her... and she begins to sing: how beautiful life is... We, the Missionaries of Africa, wish that this year 2020 will be extraordinary for each and every one of you.

Réal Doucet
Provincial, M. Afr.