Let us take the time

2020 was an extraordinary year, but not in the way we would have hoped. The arrival in March of the invisible enemy called Covid-19 made us aware of our bourgeois habits, our blindness to our way of treating our planet and the setting aside of religious values in our public and private lives.

Overnight everything capsized. Hundreds of thousands of people were infected, several hospitalized and the most vulnerable left us without being able to accompany them in their final moments. We have finger touched our human limits. We are fragile beings who do not have unlimited control over life. Will it change our expectations and lifestyle? I doubt it! The government’s lack of interest in people’s spiritual needs does not bode well. Unless we have become wiser and accept a more balanced, more humane life, more respectful of God, of others and of the earth, we will continue to repeat the same mistakes and sink into the civilization of death.

The year 2021 comes to us after living a painful but purifying experience, which is a source of questions about the meaning of life, our place on earth and the presence of God in our societies. If we take the time to ponder these, we will be able to see how God has accompanied us in our struggles and questions. Individualism, self-centeredness, materialism and all ‘isms’ must give way to greater solidarity not only with one another, sons and daughters of God, but also with nature and other creatures that also need space to flourish.

My wish in this year 2021: that we can live in a more humanized and fraternal world. Let us take into account others, even those who live elsewhere in the world. Let us learn to look at the whole universe with the eyes of the heart, with the eyes of God.


Réal Doucet
Provincial, M. Afr.