2022: A new year, a new beginning

Dear friends,

          With what has happened over the past two years around the world, it’s hard to predict how 2022 will be. I dare to hope that we have learned life lessons that will help us to better live our short passage on this planet!

          This will require discipline and a personal commitment to ourselves and to others. We are often reminded that letting our guard down can have catastrophic effects. However, I still wonder if we have become wiser by living through all these bereavements. When I see all this garbage thrown here and there in the parks, the waste of food that still goes on, the lack of civic-mindedness in some, the verbal and physical violence that comes out in many ways,the efforts made to discourage people in their relationship with the divine, the tendency of several governments to appropriate powers that lead more and more towards an unprecedented authoritarianism; and so on, I doubt that as a people we have really grown in humanism.

          For those who have taken the time to meditate and question the meaning of life during the long months of lockdown, surely a new wisdom has been anchored in their hearts. They saw God’s merciful presence in the dedication of staff in various care homes. Gestures and actions of solidarity throughout the planet have reminded them that we are all from the same family, from the family of God. Is it not in love that we best see God among us? Are we going to live more in solidarity with others and the planet? Is it illusion or hope?

          I also dare to hope that God will have a special place (His place) in our lives. Have we not learned that our lives are only a thread and that it is important to take advantage of each day to add a drop of love into the ocean of Love? Have we not learned that God is with us in our struggle for a better world? Have we learned anything?

Réal Doucet
Provincial, M. Afr.