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Guillaume Soro has resigned as president of the National Assembly at a special session convened for the occasion, Friday, February 8. The former head of the Ivorian rebellion held the post since 2012. While it lends presidential ambitions in 2020, this resignation devotes a long tear with Ouattara.

In texts nothing could compel Guillaume Soro to "liberate the stool" as it urged for months RHDP number of frames. However perch would stay lit an unprecedented institutional crisis between the executive and the legislature which, he said, he would not. But he has been cornered in January by Ouattara join the summing of the RHDP or leaving office.

At the end of Friday hemicycle reaction MP Alpha Yaya Toure supporter Guillaume Soro: " I am sorry for what we have just witnessed. It's a shame for the Ivorian democracy. This is an unprecedented event. This is the first time we see the resignation of the National Assembly on order and instruction of the executive, as though there is separation of powers in our country. "

It is a matter of consistency, for its part considers the MP RHDP Belmonde Dogo: " His resignation is only secondary to its indentation representative majority. In a National Assembly, it is the majority that the perch. The moment Guillaume Soro is no longer recognized in the majority, it is obvious that he resign. The nation is not at risk, it's not to save peace, it is to be consistent with what we are and with what we say. "

Source: afriquemedia

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