The Congolese Catholic Church has added its voice to that of supporters of the opposing Moses Katumbi to demand his return to the Democratic Republic of Congo, within 48 hours of the deadline for applications for the presidency.

Guarantor of the Agreement of St. Sylvester that enabled the DRC to avoid the conflagration in December 2016 - at the end of the second constitutional mandate of President Joseph Kabila - the Catholic Church in Kinshasa asked to leave the back opponent Moses Katumbi.

"The Conference of Bishops of Congo (Cenco) strongly urges the Congolese authorities to reconsider their decision leaving our compatriot Moses Katumbi enter the country and file nomination as all the other candidates," wrote the Cenco in a statement released Monday.

On Monday, supporters of the former governor of Katanga and former ally of President Kabila also raised his voice in the streets of Lubumbashi, for the return of their champion.

Friday and Saturday, Mr. Katumbi introduced himself to the Zambian border of the Democratic Republic of Congo where he says he was prevented from crossing the border by the Congolese authorities. He was returning from a long trip in two years, officially for medical reasons. Before his departure, the wealthy businessman who joined the opposition in 2015, was accused in a theft case of property which it denies responsibility. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

"Such treatment is justified segregationist point and can cause unnecessary adverse consequences that must be avoided," adds Cenco. "Such a refusal is similar in many respects to a denial of identity, no society can tolerate."

Nationality problem

The African Union is also interested herself on Monday in the electoral process in the DRC. If pan-African institution has not openly discussed the case of the opponent, she however called for "inclusive elections."

The Congolese authorities have since remained very silent on this new policy tub and have delivered no explanation for their refusal to allow Moses Katumbi accused in recent months to hold Italian citizenship.

According to the Constitution of the DRC, in fact, Congolese nationality is one and indivisible and therefore adapts to any other. Yet Mr. Katumbi would, according to several media including Jeune Afrique RFI and Reuters held Italian citizenship for 7 years (3 October 2000 to 13 January 2017). Information never confirmed by the principal concerned claiming his Congolese nationality.

Kinshasa reluctant to believe, requires the claimant to the next presidential reapply Congolese nationality. One thing is sure, the burn cards to Katumbi that may never submit an application while submitting applications closes on 8 August.

 Source :  afriquemedia

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