Guns, Kalachinkov ... .In the country in peace as in areas in conflict, the circulation of light weapons remains the main threat against security in Africa. However, eradication of the phenomenon policies seem weak.

What are these small arms 640 million guns in circulation, one for ten people around the world? And Africa in all this? The limited data for Africa evoked in 2017 "about 8 million small arms in circulation in West Africa," according to a researcher of the Alliance for Rebuilding Governance in Africa (ARGA), an NGO.

And in the 500 or 000 people killed each year by small arms there has necessarily Africans. In many African cities, insecurity is now fueled by gangs as "Black Babies" in the Congo, "Ax Men" Mozambique or "Microbe" in Ivory Coast killing and deflect citizens.

We must then fight against the proliferation of small arms in the continent. And the struggle begins with the destruction. And recommends that the UN was established in 2001 the International Day for the destruction of small arms. "On the occasion of the International Day for the destruction of small arms, the victims of gun violence proceed to the destruction of weapons around the world," said the site "

notorious indifference

But, "What is this day? Anyway, I do not know, "recently told a police official from an African country. One answer seems symptomatic of a kind of indifference of the authorities to this phenomenon. In Congo, for example, the collection of weapons in the Pool announced last March to start trouble, according to local media.

"Now, as for each weapon destroyed, ten are produced, the efforts of ordinary citizens are undermined by the refusal of governments to act: for every step forward, one back ten" recommended Barbara Stocking old Executive Director of Oxfam international, an international NGO coalition acting "against injustice and poverty."

Source :  afriquemedia

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