South African President Jacob Zuma ended the suspense by announcing his resignation on Wednesday, epilogue of a fierce fight with the leadership of his party, the African National Congress ( ANC ), which has plunged the country into crisis.

After a final televised bravado in the afternoon, the Head of State announced that evening obtempérait the orders of his party, which threatened him with a confidence vote in Parliament.

"I decided to resign from the post of President with immediate effect, even if I disagree with the leadership of my organization," said Zuma in a speech broadcast live on television.

"I served the people of South Africa my best," he said, conceding however that he was not "a paragon of virtue."

Since his arrival at the head of the ANC in December, the Vice President of the country, Cyril Ramaphosa, was seeking a smooth departure of the head of state, splashed by scandals, an election to avoid disaster in 2019.

But he collided head obstinate refusal of the tenant to Union Buildings, whose term does not expire until next year.

After several days of fruitless negotiations, the party leadership has resolved Tuesday to take the bull by the horns Zuma in the "remembering" and she can do it for all its members "delegates" to a government mandate .

But Mr Zuma, who has no legal obligation to submit to the orders of his party, continued to play for time, determined to sell his skin dearly.

Immediate response fault of his own, the ANC has taken the lead by announcing at midday Thursday that he would vote in Parliament a motion of no confidence against the head of state.

"The procedure with the confidence motion tomorrow (Thursday) for President Jacob Zuma was sacked," said the party's treasurer, Paul Mashatile, after a closed meeting of his parliamentary group in Cape Town.

"The leadership of the ANC can not wait beyond today," added Mr Mashatile.

Determined to get it over quickly, the ANC also announced that Cyril Ramaphosa would be elected by Parliament Friday morning to succeed Zuma. As soon invested, it will then deliver the evening speech on the state of the nation which his predecessor was denied last week due to crisis.

When he invited two hours later on public television SABC for a live interview, everyone expected that President finally capitulates.

Las! Ultimate bras d'honneur, Zuma dismissed the question of his resignation with the back tomorrow to tell all his rancor at the location of the leadership of the ANC .

"I found that very unfair question (my resignation) is asked," if he complained. "I do not agree because there is no evidence that I did anything wrong."

In great detail, he explained to be agreed with Mr. Ramaphosa going smoothly "after June." But, he said, the new party leadership then assured him a fringe party refused this agreement and he had to leave earlier.

"I told them I do not agree with your approach (...) if you want to remind me, remind me"He recounted," I find it very strange that my party told me to leave because there is a new president at the ANC , this rule does not exist. "

The resignation of Jacob Zuma cut the grass under the feet of the opposition, who rejoiced in advance of power in Parliament finally oust Zuma out of the presidency.

In recent years, its members have filed eight confidence motions. All have consistently failed, blocked by an absolute majority of the ANC .

"We rejoice with all South Africans that the long and painful decade of the Zuma presidency finally comes to an end", welcomed Mmusi Maimane, the leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA), the main party of opposition.

"Mr. Zuma has done much harm to our country (...) during his reign, corruption has flourished to the point of almost destroying our country, "he added," it will forever be its shameful legacy. "

Coincidence or not, the police conducted Wednesday its first operation against the sulfurous and previously untouchable Gupta family, in the heart of the scandals involving the president.

Five people were arrested and the luxurious home of the siblings in Johannesburg raided as part of the investigation into the embezzlement of public funds, said the elite unit of the South African Police (Hawks).

All should be brought before a court Thursday. The page of the Zuma era does seem tour.


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