France recorded just over 100,000 asylum applications in 2017, a "historic" level, while the government is preparing a law on immigration already causing heated debate.

There were fewer than 20 000 applications in 1981, the earliest year for which OFPRA provided data.

"We are seeing an extraordinary increase" of the asylum application, intervening "then-as demand falls by almost half in European countries," said his side the Interior Minister Gerard Collomb.

While a good third of the applicants were granted refugee status last year, these figures should not miss feeding the lively debate on migration policy, Emmanuel Macron is both more worthy in terms of Home foreigners granted asylum, and in strict rejected for renewed.

A draft law on asylum and immigration, prepared by Gérard Collomb, to be presented soon by the Cabinet.

Applicants for asylum come primarily from Albania, with 7630 requests. Albania is considered "of safe origin". Yet OFPRA has granted protection only 6.5% of applicants.

Followed Afghans with 5987 requests (+ 6%), the Haitian (stable at 4934), then the Sudanese (-24% in 4486), and Guinea which were 3780 to seek asylum or an increase of 62%.

There is a strong growth in African countries by nationals of Western and Francophone including Ivorians whose number has more than doubled (3243) and the Democratic Republic of Congo nationals (+ 15% in 2941) .

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