South Africa : a book about the last hours of Nelson Mandela's widow annoys

A book written by Vejay Ramlakan, surgeon and part of the army who oversaw the medical team in charge of the health of former South African President annoys the former first-lady Graça Machel.

« The last years of Mandela "Was published last Monday and it is full enough secret information that have reacted the widow of the head of state, and even the South African army.

In his book, Vejay Ramlakan sharing very intimate information about the end of life of the Father of the South African Nation. This particular indicates that this is Winnie Mandela who held the hand of Madiba in his last moments, not his wife Graça Machel.

According to the story, dissension within the Mandela clan would have affected the health of Tata Madiba. He also said that a few hours after his death, a spy camera was found in the morgue where the body of the patriarch rested.

On the medical record of the former head of state, although he claims to have worked "with the family", the revelations of the surgeon are not to the liking of everyone in Mandela's entourage. Thus the widow, Graça Machel released a statement in which it "strongly condemns" the book's publication.

According to Ms. Machel, the book is a violation of medical confidentiality, an attack against the trust and violating the dignity of Nelson Mandela. Machel said he wanted a complaint against the author and the publisher.

Following these statements, South African Defense Ministry also issued a statement Saturday, to distance himself from this publication written by one of its executives

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