A new face on the South African judicial system. This is Shamila Batohi newly appointed Attorney General in South Africa. Its mandate will be to straighten a system penalized by numerous corruption scandals.

The appointment of this renowned lawyer has a double meaning in the unique rainbow sky nation. First, it is the first woman in that position. There is also the means by which it was designated. The South African government in particular took the unprecedented decision to broadcast the interviews, live on television.

winner out of this "competition", Shamila Batohi is now the center of attention. It inherits indeed a device to the heart of the fight against corruption, South Africa cancer.

In recent years, scandals have hit several areas of the country, including the executive. Symbol of these cases, the former President Jacob Zuma, beset by corruption charges battery. For many South Africans, he and his family have long been protected by the law.

An image that his successor, Cyril Ramaphosa, now hopes to change. On coming to power, he has promised to fight against corruption by excluding protect anyone in guilty.

Source : afriquemedia

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