The project was initiated by the Association Chain of Hope which opened a pediatric cardiovascular care unit in July 2018 in the capital. It was necessary to build the facility, bring the equipment, the teams at a cost of about 2 million.

The first open heart surgery took place on Monday 10 September on a girl aged 6, Fanta, suffering from a malformation of the heart. An intervention of 3 hours.

It was conducted by a team of eight people, including a French surgeon and two Malian says Professor Oliver Baron, the Nantes Hospital: "Two children and two children yesterday today. The first open heart surgery is actually [which has] more symbolic, but what is very encouraging is that the second was made by our Malian colleagues, Dr. Coulibaly Brehim attended Dr. Ibrahima Diarra, with Malian musician. And that was the challenge, to show that the structure was mounted, it was operated. "

Operate more than 50 children

The goal is to operate more than 50 children by the end of the year because demand is huge: more than 2 500 children with heart defects are on the waiting list in Mali.

"The Diarra [...] teacher working with humanitarian groups to bring them to trickle in France, but it is a drop compared to the needs, says Oliver Baron. No cardiac surgery in Bamako because it is expensive and requires a high technical level. So the idea came to him quickly to transfer training and establish hospitals in developing countries, and to provide training. Lately, there has been Dakar today is Bamako. "

Autonomous within three years

For the surgeon Baba Diarra, it is a relief that such a structure has been created, the first in the country: "There is a handle that is selected each year that will be operate in Europe, but unfortunately there much of which remains in place and has no access to care. So the opening of this center is a bargain. For parents, it is a great relief because many of them thought that their child was doomed. This gives hope to all those parents. "

The purpose of the association Chain of Hope is to train a maximum of surgeons and carers to be completely independent in 2 to 3 years.

Source :  afriquemedia

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