The announcement of the withdrawal of Joseph Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo did not leave marble secular collective coordination (CLC), close to the Catholic Church. On the contrary, it welcomed an historic mobilization of the population.

Major Artisan in protest against the continued rule of Joseph Kabila beyond two terms that under the Constitution, the secular Committee warmly congratulated the Congolese people who "were able to stop the ambitions of President Joseph Kabila violating the Constitution and the Agreement of New Year's Eve.

Wednesday, Congolese president announced he would not seek a third term. He therefore appointed a "dolphin". This is his former interior minister, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary also permanent secretary of the presidential party PPRD.

The fight goes on
direct consequence of this decision just ease tensions in Congolese politics, the lay committee decided to suspend its program of actions of 12, 13 and 14 August, to show good faith and to encourage the Head of State "for" credible, inclusive, appeased, transparent ".

However, the organization does not rest on its laurels, especially for improving the electoral process. In this regard, it already and already rejects the electoral register "corrupted by the presence of millions of fictitious voters," "the use of a voting machine not provided for by law" and "the exclusion of certain actors in the elections. " "The struggle for democracy continues," insisted the committee.

Close to the Catholic Church, the CLC had organized three marches severely repressed on 31 December, 21 January and 25 February. Result: a dozen dead. The CLC called on President Kabila to publicly declare that he would not run.

Source:  afriquemedia

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