There were no reactions from African leaders to the sad odyssey of some 600 migrants, including many Africans, supported by the Aquarius this week and landed Sunday morning in the port of Valencia on Mediterranean coast of Spain. And, while this sad saga provoked political tension in Europe. Not an African politician has reacted laments Ali Bensaad, one of the best connoisseurs of migration in the Maghreb and the Sahel.

The silence of a continent is deafening and is not new, explains the researcher Ali Bensaad, one of the best connoisseurs of migration in the Maghreb and the Sahel. And it shows the contempt of the rulers to the people, their people ...

"When Gaddafi repressed severely African populations, no leader had protested. They were all paying customers of the Libyan leader. They had all the language - so to speak - linked. And if I can say the same silence that perpetuates this is actually the inability ultimately to support and defend their citizens.

This immigration is the first manifestation of the carelessness of those leaders who fail to remember their youth. And this is not only true of black Africa. This is also true of the Maghreb. And African leaders can not exonerate the responsibility of managing their country. It is primarily the lives of Africans has no price compared to their leaders.

Look how are killed in clashes! It's almost the day!

And there dying by boat, but there dying in boats to cross rivers even within Africa, hundreds. They shoot demonstrators, etc.

So life is priceless for African leaders, in fact, already in Africa itself and thus it has even less outside. And the way these leaders cling to power, are also dying do they - we have the example of Bouteflika Algeria - shows a deep contempt.

At that scale can expand in this way to see the rest of the people. A country is seen as an asset, like a property. And so, the people who live or die, it [passes] through profit and loss. "

Source:  afriquemedia

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