AFRICA -  To win the challenge of peace in Africa: a possible dream with dialogue, not with weapons

"Who will save Central Africa, Congo Kinshasa, Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria, Libya? Who will really save Africa from all the violence that is burying and impoverishing the African continent, ever more victim of the barbarism of its own children? Will Africa ever be free of this spiral of violence? These are all questions that afflict our nights", says Father Donald Zagore, missionary of the Society of African Missions, to Agenzia Fides, commenting on some of the incidents of violence recorded in the last few days on the African continent. "Now more than ever, concrete and effective actions are urgently needed to save the lives of millions of men, women and children who are repeatedly and desperately sacrificed. Africa is not always an open cemetery where there are thousands of dead, Africa is not the land where the looting of economy, torture, murder, are just banalities. No, Africa is not the arena where evil always triumphs", the missionary insists.

"It is time for Africans to realize this tragic fatality", the priest explains to Fides. "It is time for Africans to refuse to close themselves in this logic of endless violence imposed by men without faith or law, men who paradoxically find in the destruction of humanity the way par excellence to realize their own humanity", he adds.

"If the history of our continent through its endless rebellions and wars, has shown that violence as a means of expression is the most popular thing on the African continent, we must also admit that violence itself has never brought progress and will never be a solution to our problems. We will never build our continent using the language of weapons. Only true dialogue can save the African continent".
"It is urgent to face the challenge of peace through true dialogue on all its persistent difficulties that prevent the improvement of the African peoples and freedom remains an imperative of great importance. This will be possible only through the culture of a social love animated by the sense of charity", concludes Father Zagore.

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