TANZANIA - Bishops' appeal: Catechists should be skilled
on Child Protection Policy

Dar es Salaam (Agenzia Fides) - "All Catechists in the Country have to be trained on TEC Child Protection Policy, which was passed by the Bishops in 2017", said Director of the Directorate of Social Services at the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) Jovin Riziki , in his statement presented during the three-day workshop of Diocesan Secretary for Catechesis held at Kurasini, Dar es Salaam. Riziki commended the Catechists "for doing a great job for the Church especially initiating religion among children" adding "It is our duty to build their capacities and inform them about the policy that protects them, so that they can reach many people and provide adequate assistance to children".

Moreover, Riziki continues, "the Health department is obliged to present a topic on child protection because last year 2017 the Catholic Bishops in the country passed a child protection policy which should be implemented by all the people working within the Catholic Church. In addition, help them to inform others in their dioceses that the Catholic Bishops in Tanzania have adopted policy on child protection for all workers in the schools, orphanages, and elsewhere".

During the seminar, there was reference to violence against children, which include physical, psychological and emotional and sexual abuse are becoming rampant in the societies.

"The policy is clear that whoever violates it in any way punitive measure should be applied on him or her. Among the recommendations the Catholic Bishops have given is to set an office at national and diocesan level so that all issues related to child abuse are dealt with thoroughly. Moreover - concludes Riziki - all schools should also have a Co-coordinator for the child protection where they will be collaborating with others to identify those who abuse children and report to Parish or Diocesan Coordinator for Child Protector to deal with the issue".

Source : fides.org

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