Nigeria faces an unprecedented outbreak of Lassa fever, a virus that has killed 110 since the beginning of the year, over 353 confirmed cases, against 143 throughout 2017, according to authorities.

In Edo State, where Irrua is, this endemic disease, recorded the highest number of cases.

The bleeding continues to spread in this rural area, one of the poorest in the country, as confirmed by Dr. Ephraim Ogbaini Emovon, director of the Institute for Research and Control of Lassa fever.

"We record an unprecedented epidemic. We have never seen this before, since the end of February, the number of reported positive cases is much higher than what we had over the year 2017. "

A team of WHO which is part Ousman Kevin, (responsible for risk of infection to the World Health Organization) educates medical staff and families on preventing the spread of the virus.

'' Given the situation, we're going to basics, so we focus on good hand hygiene, which means that we have to wash their hands properly, using the right technique. "

If it is difficult to identify the symptoms of Lassa fever is endemic in some outbreaks in West Africa (Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone), it nevertheless has its mode of transmission, the secretions of rodents, and unlike Ebola, the risk of inter-human contagion are usually limited.

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