Confronted for weeks in strikes and protests, some deadly, Guinean President Alpha Conde was booed Thursday by hundreds of women during a ceremony on the occasion of the international day of women's rights.


"Our children to school", "Do not kill our children by making them ignorant," chanted angry women gathered on the esplanade of the Palais du Peuple, the Guinean Parliament, in the presence of the Head of State, found a matching of the AFP .

Alpha Conde, historical opponent came to power in 2010, had chosen the day of 8 March to "highlight the progress made by women" and advocate "against discrimination", according to a statement from the Guinean presidency.

This is not a light heart that I see the schools close

"Since you are unable drops", has arrested one demonstrator. Guinea faces the month in protests, in which at least a dozen people were killed, some fell by the bullets of the security forces, and a teachers' strike which threatens a "lost year" to many parents.

"This is not a light heart that I see the schools close," said the head of the Guinean State. "I'll spend the next few days to listen to the silent majority. I will meet with the magistrates, doctors, carriers, women and young people, "he added.

Condé then promised to make a "big reshuffle" and "to ministers who are listening to the people who care for their programs."

According to the statement of the Presidency, he left the ceremony "in vivid ovations."

These events are linked to the local elections of February 4, the results are contested by the main opposition party the UFDG , beaten by the president's party according to official figures.

Others are held on the sidelines of the conflict in education, relaunched in early February by a dissident branch of the main union in the sector, which calls for wage increases.

Despite mediation, tentative negotiations have stalled.

On Wednesday, several thousand women in white, who call themselves "Amazons", had marched in the streets of Conakry to denounce the murderous police violence during political demonstrations, which according to the opposition were 90 deaths since the arrival in power of Alpha Condé.

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