The Vatican deplored Saturday's "disproportionate reaction of the Congolese security forces" to disperse the march last Sunday Catholic and believes "likely" that there will be other events despite warnings from the government.

"Unfortunately, the disproportionate reaction of the Congolese security forces did not respect the peaceful nature of this event," wrote the papal nuncio in Kinshasa, Luis Mariano Montemayor, in a letter to the Congolese church.

The authorities banned and dispersed a march last Sunday near the laity of the Church demanded of President Joseph Kabila's public commitment to leave power.

These events were at least five deaths, according to several sources. The government says there are no deaths "in connection with the events of 31 December."

"Taking into account the popularity of walking 31 December 2017, it is likely that other initiatives will be organized in the coming months," says the letter of the nuncio dated January 5 and Saturday traded on social networks .

On Friday the government has "strongly condemned the events of December 31, 2017 and warned the organizers against any recurrence."

Elections are due December 23, 2018 to organize the departure and the succession of President Kabila, whose second and final term ended December 20, 2016 according to the Constitution.

Source: afriquemedia.tv

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