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Centre Afrika

Le Centre Afrika représente une "maison" pour les Africains et pour toute personne s’intéressant au monde africain. Rendez-vous sur le site Centre Afrika


ONLINE DONATION is the simplest way to contribute
to the work of the Missionaries of Africa.
Make yours by clicking ‘ONLINE DONATION’ and filling in the appropriate form.
If you wish, you may state your intentions:
The works of the Missionaries of Africa, Masses,
A donation or Mass stipends for a particular Missionary of Africa,
Projects, Study Grants or Other.

We will promptly forward a receipt for tax purposes for all donations of $10 and over.

N.B.: Transactions are made on the 5th, 15th and 25th of each month.


The confidentiality and safety of online transactions
are guaranteed by Perceptech and Don-Matic.
Don-Matic is a comprehensive and transparent payment solution
handling all aspects of the collection of donations.
This service allows online donation by credit card, by pre-authorised payment.
In addition, it operates safely by encrypting all your financial data.
Don-Matic is a Desjardins Certified Partner.