150 years of love! 

     Canada was one year old when Bishop Lavigerie decided to found the Missionaries of Africa (both men and women). Their task was to carry the Good News to all the corners of the vast African continent. This was 150 years ago. Since then, the “White Fathers” and the “White Sisters” through their passion for the Lord and the Africans never ceased to work in more than 25 African countries, as well as in the African world outside the continent. 150th: this is a jubilarian number that you find throughout this calendar.

      Originating from as many as forty countries, the missionaries live in international communities, witnessing to a God of Love, and working so that every human being can grow in freedom and dignity, and participate in the human, social and spiritual development of the worlds and cultures among whom they live. 

       150 years: we wish to share with you our rich experience of proximity with these people. The twofold passion that still drives us today, Jesus and the African world, keeps us young and makes us face the future with confidence. 

      When, a missionary arrives in a country for the first time, he carries in his heart so many hopes: to do this or that, for the people. But sooner or later, he discovers that he is short of love, and that he does nearly nothing. He becomes restless, and then he puts himself at the disposal of the people; however, the lasting work is love. When I arrived in my mission country, my superior told me this: you may have good diplomas, a fine personality, many qualities (not forgetting your defects) yet your presence here is to love. Otherwise, take the first plane back home. 

     The twelve months of this year will remind you of our history, that is 150 years of love. If our future is to remain young, it is because love is at the heart of our lives. It is our wish for all the parents, friends and benefactors: a love lived through time, all through the days filled with joys and sufferings. This calendar comes with our Letter to our friends.

Gilles Barrette,
Provincial, M.Afr

2018 calendar